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The Team

The team behind the Meat Smoker House

Welcome to our website! We’re a small, specialized company headquartered in the meat smoking capitol of the world, Austin Texas and our simple goal is to help you pursue or discover your passion for Smoking Meat. Unlike large and impersonal big-box retailers that carry everything under the sun, we focus 100% on smokers, with an emphasis on electric smokers for recreational use.

In our house, when we say we’re here for you, we mean it. We’ve made a pledge to our customers to put them first in everything we do. We are dedicated to going the extra mile and we’ll resolve your issue with a smile. This is how we ensure our customers have a great experience — every time. Reliability and responsiveness from a family owned, proudly Austin-based company.

Why Choose Us?

Every Product we feature has been hand picked by the Smoker House and part of the selection process includes being able to present the right information for you to learn about the unit. This helps you make the best decision when choosing a smoker or accessories- We want to start you off right!

Picking your smoker and equipment is just the beginning. In partnership with CIA Chef Jeff Stevens, we will feature recipes, tips, articles and how-to’s to help you reach your smoking nirvana.

Quality, old fashioned customer service is still (surprising) alive and well at the Meat Smoker House. Read through our recent customer reviews or do a quick Google search and you’ll learn the same thing: we’ve built a sterling reputation by taking incredible care of our customers.

The Team

Smoke ’em if you got ’em

Scot is the co-owner of meatsmokerhouse.com and is responsible for making sure this website is the most informative meat smoking resource on the Internet. He is also extremely knowledgeable about our line of smokers, and is eager to answer any questions you may have. When he’s not working, he loves fishing, skiing, cooking and enjoying the outdoors with friends and family. Originally from the East Coast, he now calls Austin home.

The Boss

Amy, co-owner, runs sales and customer support and can answer just about any question you might have regarding the smokers we feature. She’s an amazing cook, a dedicated mother, an avid gym rat and the heart of business.

Lil’ smokies